Calgary International Airport (YYC)
History, Facts and Overview

(Calgary, Canada)

Calgary Airport was born in 1914, when it was actually located in Bowness, on the westerly outskirts of the city, and comprised of just a small airfield and hut. In 1939 the airport was relocated to its current location and was named as McCall Field. After much military usage during World War II, the city of Calgary began redeveloping the airport and a swanky new terminal was opened in 1956.

The ownership of the airport changed hands in 1966 and the arrival of large jet passenger planes meant that it was necessary to upgrade and extend once more. It was at this time that McCall Field became better known as simply 'Calgary International Airport'.

Over subsequent years, the passenger traffic began to rise sharply and air cargo levels also increased, meaning that further improvements were made, including an impressive modern control tower. The airport is now managed by the Calgary Airport Authority.

With more than 100 different shops and eateries now operating at Calgary Airport, there is always plenty to keep you fully occupied while you wait for your flight. It is even possible to enjoy a quick massage and get your hair cut.

Calgary Airport YYC

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